Egads I've not been utilising the Blab Blogosphere

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lately! EEEEEEEEP!

LAZY me!

Well, since I've been 'cleared' due to my ultrasound, and am NOT going to have something break anytime soon :-) I suppose I should be happy bout that-it just bugs me that I don't know what went wrong, and if it's gonna happen again...

I've been starting to excercise again! WHEEEEEEEEE!

This after a looooong absense. YIKES!

Rode my bike a few miles today and MAN, was I tired, I could tell that I haven't been exercising a lot, but HEY! NOTHING hurt that badly! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday morning, I went on a walk around Lake Nokomis with a friend and her doggies. It felt great to be able to walk without hurting.

Health is nothing to take for granted, that's for sure.

I'm ready for Winter :-)! I went and found a NICE pair of Under Armour SNOW PANTS! And a Spyder WInter Jacket, BOTH on CLEARANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And BOTH inulated, windproof AND water resistant. WOOT! NOW I won't get cold! *crosses fingies*

Must get going on other things, but I thought I'd update :-D

I still have a mild pain in my side/upper abdomen area, (TMI, I know :-D) but I think I'm on the mend.



  1. Mary's Avatar
    Congratulations on finding such good deals on nice winter gear! Oh and being on the mend as well!

    Good going Hellen!!