I want to see some of your vintage models with box :)

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How about a blog that you can post your pictures of vintage Breyer models with the old cardboard type boxes I will get it started

Updated 09-20-2008 at 08:35 AM by aneedforfun



  1. Mary's Avatar
    This might make it even easier to locate a vintage Breyer's blog ... go to your Blog Control Panel (see left side selection,) and set up a Category. You can then edit your entry (ANY time,) scroll down to the blog categories, and select your Vintage Breyer category.

    Just a thought! Should be an interesting blog.
  2. aneedforfun's Avatar
    Great idea Thanks Mary
  3. JamieD's Avatar
    Oh you are so going to hate me...while setting up my Breyer room I was opening horses that had been stored in their orginal boxes since the 80's and I tossed out almost all of the white and the brown paper boxes. I did keep the box catalogs. If you know the year of your new Clyde mare...shoot me a PM and I'll see if I've got one to send you.