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Leaving to pick up two PMU foals...

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We are driving 6-7 hours to Swift-current (Don't know how it is spelled) Canada, staying overnight there, and driving home the next day with two babies.

Theoden, our colt, and another filly. We have been getting our trailer ready for them. They have not been handled at all, really, and they will be riding loose. Our trailer is a Gooseneck two horse, extra wide, with full living quarters. We are providing lots of bedding for them, so they should be OK. Last time, we only picked up one foal, and he had lots of room. And, he had to spend the night in the trailer.

So here are the picture:

The trailer and truck, we were took out the divider, and put straw bales in.

The Inside. It looks so small in the picture, but the babies should fit fine. Way better accommodations in our trailer that the alternative if they weren't coming to live in loving homes.

We didn't break the straw bales as we have to go across the border, and then they won't have to search it all. We also put in a bunch of shavings for the bottom layer.

Ok, gotta go charge my camera, I will be sharing pictures as soon as I get back.


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