Sherrylynne Shaver

Oh Being a Grandma is soo much fun!

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Having 3 children was wonderful and the time flew by so fast. You try to live in the moment and know you must remember and enjoy the time as they grow so fast, You miss the days when they wanted to spend time with you they thought you were the bomb.
But then they grow up and think your dumb, uncool that we dont understand them. :gaah

Then the day comes and they are parents themselves making you a gramma :one Now your children for some reason think we were hit with the smart stick and continue to ask you all kinds of questions and advice :yourock and actually listen to it.

Now we can enjoy our grandchildren, for when they are little they think we are the best thing since candy bars.:egyptian
Its our 2nd chance to enjoy holding the little ones, spending more time with them, and not having to be the bad guys :popcorn

Grandchildren are our Blessings for not Killing our Children.

I love being a MOM and its awesome being a Gramma. :hello