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[FONT="Book Antiqua"][B][SIZE="3"]You have found blab's incomplete, unofficial, artist and tackmakers list. We are always looking to add to this list and helping it grow! Feel free to PM me with the information from the form below, and I will add you to the list promptly! Do you know of an artist not on blab? Do you think they'd like to be on the list? Tell them to email me ( with their info, and I will add them too! Anyone is welcome, despite whether or not you are taking commissions, just a beginner, or just decos, anyone is you as you are an artist or tackmaker! =] Thanks![/SIZE] [/B]

Laura Peachey

Studio Name
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What you specialize in (this can be you mediums of preference, a particular color(s), breeds, anything!)

[U] Artists [/U]

[B]Silverfish Studios[/B]
Jamie Galen
Fantasy/Realistic Customizer. Airbrush, pastels, hand painted acrylics, & a bit of sculpting.

[B]Afterglow Studios[/B]
P.A. Gerschler
“Dr. Bork Bork”
Airbrush artist.

[B]Wolf River Creations[/B]
Allison Strohm
Uses oils.
[I]currently taking comissions[/I]

[B]Kim Shepherd[/B]”Appy38”
Airbrush and pastels and hand detail.

[B]Equine Confection Studio[/B]
Heather Bullach
finishwork artist. and mixed media.

[B]Equine Art by Karen[/B]
acrylic mediums, with an Iwata Custom Micron airbrush. Pastels and pencils are also used and fine details are done by hand painting

[B]Lori Daniels/Crazyhorse Studios since 1986 [/B]
resins, original sculptures, customs, portrait models and flatwork
I use oils almost entirely but have extensive work in all other medias.
Specializing in the American stock horses since I show the national APHA (Paint horse) circuits. Mules, drafters, and foals as well.
Studio Blog:[url][/url]
Showing Live Horses blog:[url][/url]

[B]Dream Merchant Designs[/B]
Samantha Lloyd
Hand painting artist. (high quality acrylics & pastels) Some re-sculpting.

[B]Jaime Baker Customs[/B]
Jaime Baker
Mostly uses pastels & pure pigments & mixed media.
[I]No longer taking commissions. [/I]

[B]Far North Studios[/B]
Hilary Schwafel

[B]Painted Daisy Studio, LLC[/B] (open since 2007.)
My web site is [url][/url]
My e-mail is [email][/email]
I specialize in traditional and classic scale tack, acrylic and mixed media painting, and sculpting and customizing. I also do haired models.

Sandie Reichenberger
For a gallery of my work:

[B]Monarch View Studios[/B]
Chesna Wertz
MH$P: [url][/url] (Snowponies)
[url][/url] (Painting)
Painting model horses/Snowponies

[B]Beatha Sellman[/B]“Sweet Defense”
airbrush, as well as mixed media, simple customizing, and hairing

[B]MirrorManor[/B] (collection & studio)
Katja Contu (located in Switzerland, Europe)
specializing in historic horses & Draft breeds
painting, customizing, sculpting
media used : pastels, pure pigments, oils, acrylics, inks, wax & oil pastels, pencils, different other media
Blog : [url][/url]
Most collection & work : [url][/url]
collecton of Artist Resins & some chinas/OOAKS : [url][/url]
portfolio, most of it :
[I]no commissions[/I]

[B]Hybrid Customs[/B]
Kristine Fontenot
Hand-painted acrylics, pigments, pencils, inks, etcetcetc; resculpting & drastics
[I]No commissions[/I]

Tiffany Piltz
primarily in pastels and occasionally mixed media

beginning artist
pastels & starting oils.
some resculpting.
Prop Making.

[B]Schacht Studio[/B]
Dani Schacht
resculpting and painting model horses

[B]Karen Beeson[/B]
Equine Artist
Mixed media finishwork (oils, pastels, acrylics, inks and prismacolor)
and Miniature Scale, Modern Day Syrian Style Arabian horse tack
album: [url][/url]
news group: [url][/url]


[B]Dreamflite Design[/B]
Anna Kirby
Stablemate and Micro tack, all styles.

[B]Full Moon Tack[/B]
Lauren Wood
Tack and prop maker, specializing in mini scales.

[B]Beatha Sellman[/B]
“Sweet Defense”
some tack, mostly native American.
Diorama bases, too.

[B]Wildwinds of WY tack and props[/B]
Christine Lewis
MH$P , yahoo group [url][/url]
old west army tack , sm and trad. size. leather tack. show halters. in many colors. tooling leather. draft tack. mule pack sets. cm dogs. remake breed and can make dogs look like your own dog. or just your fav. breed.

[B]Braymere Custom Saddlery[/B]
Jennifer Buxton
English saddles, harness.

[B]Passage to heaven[/B]
Melanie Schulmeyer
Paradesaddles in Traditional and SM size, Drafstshowharness, Tekki Tack, Dongola Tacks, Westernsaddles in Tradi and SM, Draftshowhalters, Mediavialtack.

[B]Desert Night Creations[/B]
Heather moreton-Abounader
[url]http://www.desertnightcreations.comDouble[/url] Bridles, Braided Bridles, western, english, antiques, halters
Ghost Wolf Ranch[/B]
Emily McFadden
Website: [url][/url]
Blog: [url][/url]
MH$P: [url][/url]
eBay: [url][/url]
Harness, English tack, Western bridles, halters, dog accessories

[B]Ultimate Find Productions[/B]
Jill Aman
currently breyerbabe, but it will change
What I specialize in: Tack & costumes from all over the world. Spanish, Portuguese, Arabian, TWH, Central Asian, African, Historical, and lots more. *smile*

[B]Stage Left Studio[/B]
Melissa Prantl
Hunter Jumps, Cross Country Jumps, Dioramas, *Basic* Western Saddles

[B]Desert Winds Farm[/B]
Ann Lovelady
I specialize in arabian tack. I make native and showring style halters, presentation sets, and costumes! I also do fine art work, such as paintings and drawings.

[B]The Unicorn Woman [/B]-- tack since 1980
Melody D. Snow
Costumes, Corona Saddle Pads, Western Tack, & unusual tack items. Tack Kits & Instruction; Tack Supplies; (including Kangaroo Lace in unusual colors and 5 widths with 6 widths and lots more colors available by special order); Ron Edwards Leathercraft Books; other things as it tickles my fancy

[B]jennifer's imagination[/B]
Jennifer Wilson
Arabian Costumes

Andra and Maia Martõlo
Model Arabian tack

[B]'Lil Bit Western[/B]
Robyn Schonhoff
Robyn aka lbw
LSQ, NAN Quality Model Horse Saddle Pads -since '00


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