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Musical high

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So this weekend was a big music weekend for me. Two concerts in two days, though I only performed in one. But last night's concert was also significant for me.

In my other blog post way back when, I talked about finally writing some more music. Well, arranging it. I arranged "You Walk With Me" by David Yazbek from the musical The Full Monty. Absolutely gorgeous piece, so hubby wanted me to arrange it for his French horn ensemble.

So last night they performed it! I'm so very pleased with how it went. I did get to hear it once in rehearsal, but to hear it performed for a concert it another thing entirely.

I have a horrible recording at: http://home.att.net/~bclplyr/YouWalk...ps-Concert.wma (it's a .wma file - it will play in Windows Media Player - and sorry it's so huge and in mono).

And I have to admit - it was quite an ego boost I got so many nice comments from people, both audience and performers. It had been so long since I'd composed or arranged anything. I do hope this sparks some new creativity, as I do want to get back into writing. Life has gotten in the way for too long.

Oh, and I plan to submit the piece for possible publication. There's a music publisher/retailer that specializes in horn/brass music (the group has bought a lot of their tunes from them) who has a submission policy. And since I got permission from the copyright holder to arrange the piece, that should pave the way. Of course, ultimate say will be from the copyright holder, and I might not get a cent out of it. But it's worth a shot.

Then tonight was our community band concert. For the first time in several years, we played to a sold-out crowd (helps that we implemented a new gorup rate for tickets ). Some of my coworkers even came. The concert went very well - some things just worked better tonight than in rehearsals. We played some great pieces, too, which always helps! Like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (and us low reeds even got the melody!) We'd been playing some "blah" stuff lately so this is a welcome chance of pace.

We have two intermissions, so sometimes we'll have small groups play in the lobby during those times. After years of talking about it, four of us finally pulled together a clarinet quartet. We played 5 short pieces to an appreciative audience. I hope we can continue the quartet - it's been fun.

So I'm still a bit too wired to go to sleep. I'll pay for it tomorrow morning as I try to get up for work Thanks for reading my babbling. It's weekends like this that remind me why I'm passionate about music.