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What an incredible ride today...Crush was so focused, and when I kinda eased into asking for a side pass (JUST asked!!!!!) he side-passed!!!! I almost cried!! He has gotten so INTERESTED in learning...I see big sis Foxy in him; she was always gobbling down the info I taught her...he has completely understood the opposite turnaround I put into place...he did it 4 times today w/o fail...
This weekend is all his...I am not going to scare him but he can have all the hanging around time he needs to get over the fear of on-coming traffic.
Showmanship will be fun! I wonder if the judge will let me ride english schooling in my western saddle; Sandy knows I won't care if I get placed...I just need to get him out in the arena with the wild ass ponies tearing around behind him...