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Flight is booked!

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[B][COLOR="Magenta"]:rays Our flight to Texas is officially booked, we got an excellent rate of just under $200 round trip each, flying out of our hometown of Erie. So that means my dad can drop off my mum and I so no parking fees, no having to drive a ga-zillion miles to a different airport.

Alright Breyer, the ball is in your court, get those info packets out here!! I'm already freaking out about the quick deadline. Only a month to get our RSVPs back in to Breyer. And they are going to have their letters mailed out by August 15th, not arriving by the fifteenth, which means only 15 days to get them sent back in. I know that should be more than enough time, but I was hoping for a bit more so I could round up some spare cash.

Affording this trip is going to be tough, but I am totally committed. Right now my mum's LSE horse is definitely for sale. Mine is still up in the air, maybe I'll win one of the LSE centerpieces or some other super cool prize there and be able to finance the trip that way.

Oh well, a girl can dream right?

I am so excited, less than three months away!! :woohoo[/COLOR][/B]