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Very big thanks to Liz / bronzino for all the techie stuff she has done and is doing for Blab. Liz likes that nerd stuff and Blab is doing as much as it can to keep her entertained.

Liz is researching the issue and solutions for several members who Blab keeps logging off - how frustrating. Right now it appears it's all to do with cookies, and it's rather odd that everyone isn't suffering, just a few. She's also following up how Blab statuses threads for the viewers' view in New Posts.

Blab's 6th Birthday!!

Information coming shortly. If you ask me, even better than the 5th birthday!!

The Big Upgrade - Someday

vBulletin, the company that creates the software on which Blab runs, has been working like mad for over a year to ... well whatever it is they are doing, it's going to be very darn special. They have not released details publicly, but admins of other forums that volunteered for very early testing are saying that it is awesome. Whatever that means ...

The public release date isn't firm but probably later this year. My policy with Blab, which is based on my experience with software and tech companies, is "never first into the pool." Let other forums test the water temp and find the bugs. Within a few weeks of the release patches will follow that take care of initial bugs. Blab's upgrade won't happen until some patches and possible later more complete releases are available.

Without more information from vB there is no knowing exactly what this means for Blab. But I do look forward to more options that users can select for themselves, and more features. Like what? Oh how I wish I knew!