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I am loved...

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Ah, the love...

And no, not from the hubby or the horse or the parents.

I actually had people contact me regarding employment opportunites! Amazing!

The first was a pre-screening (before deciding who to interview) call for a company I just sent off my resume for the unemployment end of things. I mean, yes, I could do it but seriously doubted I would get any play off of it. But I got called! Quite lovely. Let's see where that goes.

The second was an email today from some place I had never heard of saying my resume was intriguing and wanting to have an interview next Tuesday! I'm a bit more skeptical but one never knows. It at least looks somewhat legit and has pluses where my current job has minuses. Let's hope that the "unknowns" turn out to be on the plus side of life!

Perhaps things are looking up? Finally? Or that fortune cookie was right...
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