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Blab notes - just general stuff

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Secret Santa is in full swing! So many Blabber enjoy this, many many thanks to Stitch/April Currier and her helpers for making it happen this year.

The medallion photo show is getting a lot of interest and attention. What a great opportunity to show off some classy medallions! Thanks to Liz, Sharon and their helpers for making this another successful photo show. Not too late to enter!

The Halloween photo contest had the most entries ever. Really enjoyed the creativity ... if you haven't yet seen the photos, reset your mind back to Halloween and check out the Contests forum.

More fun stuff is on tap for the Nov-Dec holiday season ... stay tuned to Blab.

Techie stuff
I've mentioned before that the software provider for Blab's forums has had a very big upgrade in the works for some time now. I have now seen the beta version - that is, the not-yet-ready-for-prime-time but-almost-finished-this-is-basically-it verion. It functions very much like the forum as it is now, but does have an upgraded look about it. A few things like Search will do the same job but in a slightly different way.

There will also be some new features and visuals to play with, as they can be integrated into Blab.

No date yet as to when you will see this major upgrade on Blab. The company has not confirmed the release date of the final version. Even then it needs to be tested and hopefully get a few early bug fixes before Blab adopts it.

Just that bit of techie update, for now ...