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Chocolate, turkey, ham, boots and more food!

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Or, what I brought home from my vacation.

Seriously - I think I brought home more food than clothing. And I know I ate enough. When Mom asked me what Dad and I had been eating for breakfast, I truly answered her "whatever I wanted". I wanted it - he made it. Yes, I'm an adult but I am his only child.

There are times when you just let your parents do unnecessary things as it makes them feel better and fulfills some sort of primordial parental need/desire.

Dad makes me breakfast and hands me $400 in $100 bills on my way out the door. He gets to be happy, I get to be fed well and then be a bit paranoid about my wallet. It works well for everyone.

But, the list of what was stuffed into my luggage:

  • home made peanut butter cups
  • mega pecan fudge (Mom made a slight pecan miscalculation - 4 cups became 2 lbs!)
  • pecan fudge (the recipes were on the same page in her cooking magazine)
  • one Charleston Chew full size candy bar - in CHOCOLATE. Damn things are not easy to find and usually you can only find vanilla around here. LOVE LOVE LOVE them
  • one box of Moose Munch (Harry & David's, responsible for at least 5lbs of my excess ass weight!)
  • 2 containers of hot cocoa (gift from auntie)
  • 1 bottle of Yoshedia's Hawaiian Sweet & Sour - which I can't get here any more
  • 1 lb of walnuts (auntie gift, gave away the other 2 lbs!)
  • 1 4lb turkey roll (hubby request)
  • 1 ham (hubby request)
  • 1 lb of jerky (hubby)
  • 1 lb of pepperoni sticks (hubby)

That's the food. Seriously. I could have put in more candy and gotten more meat goods but what would one add? Steak was not an option!

Other stuff:

  • my mini Nahar Flick - was showing him off to Jennifer K!
  • old tennis shoes (I can haz NU SHOOZE!)
  • new winter boots...I can't believe it took me THIS LONG to buy some after moving out of the 'rents so long, long ago
  • Xmas gifties for auntie/uncle
  • Xmas gifties for MIL (small)
  • 1 pair of new undies from Victoria's Secret. Love me the free undies!
  • Oregon State Snuggie present from Mom (GO BEAVS!)
  • quilted bear throw from auntie to hubby (he ADORES it)
  • 1 book (What? I know! Only 1! I must be sick)
  • money (duh)
  • sweatshirt (Black Friday shopping)
  • socks

And that was it from what I originally started out with. I didn't get to Powell's Bookstore like I wanted or the beach like I kinda wanted to go. BUT, I got TWO visits with Jennifer K in.

I was also reminded that my parental tolerance level is about 7 days. Actually, it's longer for Mom and a little shorter for Dad. In his old age, he's gone from negative to Doom & Gloom, version 2.0. It's VERY annoying and I barely managed to NOT snap at him last night. (We watched John Wayne movies instead. And no, I didn't see the ones with Dollar, Duke, Banner OR Cochise.) As much as I love the man, he was NOT made for living much past the 1950s.

However, I was informed that I can come for as long as three months next time I visit. There's something about being the only child in the family that you just can't get unless you are one!

Oh, and great news - job interview tomorrow and it's supposed to snow! It's a marketing manager position for a company that manufactures something I haven't figured out to be yet. The website is SO un professional for a company too that I bet that would be one of the first things that is on the to do list for the company. I just want a decent job that will keep Flick in shoes and Adequan!