Christmas is two days away!

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Can I ask where the time has gone?

I'm sure I will be out and about tomorrow. I feel like I am forgetting many many things. I need to hit the store tomorrow and pick up stuff needed for the dinner. (Along with everyone elses family members.)

My mom and I always head out on Christmas eve just to shop. We are not looking for anything in particular, just out and about. We will have lunch and then hit the stores. Head home and rush around getting everything together.

Even though I am 29, I am still excited about Christmas. I guess some people are never to old to believe.

Then again, I think my dog gets more excited over Christmas morning. He gets his own stocking to open and gets to lick everyone who's sitting on the floor. He will roam from person to person that will pet and play with him. He's also 11 going on 12 lol.
Happy Daze


  1. NoLineFarm's Avatar
    LOL. Love your dog's excitement. We should all live life like a dog. Or a cat :D.