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So I totally jinxed myself with my last post...

Less than 24 hours after the last blog entry, I was in the hospital to get my infected gallbladder removed. Now...normally that is a pretty routine procedure, but due to my underlying health problems, it's been quite the mess.

They removed my gallbladder and inserted a catheter into my neck so that I could go in and do in-center dialysis. Well, turns out the general surgeon didn't do it correctly so I had to go back under and have it done AGAIN!

Now, I have this lovely souvenir in my neck and am having to have hemo rather than peritoneal dialysis done.

I feel awful. I'm on a mess of antibiotics and I have this gross metallic taste in my mouth from the dialysis. I've lost about 5 pounds in under a week (quite a bit when one is already under 100 pounds to begin with) and just generally feel miserable. cheer myself up, I "stole" a photo of my gorgeous Mink custom "Madhkuur" that my dear friend Melissa Mistretta took at a show a few years ago.

Madhkuur is one of those once in a lifetime model horses. I remember seeing him at Northwest Congress when I was barely in my teens! I was so out of my league at that show and I was left awestruck by Sarah Mink, Ed Gonzalez, Chris Jolly, etc...I would never in my wildest dreams imagined that this handsome fellow would fall under my ownership.

When Kris Gee put him up for sale my heart absolutely leapt. I contacted her immediately, we hammered out the details, and he was mine!

For the most part the grand old man stays at home although I have taken him to both Northwest Congress and Evergreen Custom Classic and he STILL does well.


  1. flicksmom's Avatar
    Marianna! That SUCKS about the health, ahem... "fun".

    So you got the big guy... good for you!
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