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Bored out of my mind - Stock Show!

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I gotta wonder if I still have a mind. This not working thing is really not working for me. It's not like I've been making up by having a sparkling house, cuz I've not. I'm not going to magically have a completely clean house at any point in my life, why would I now?

It's National Western Stock Show time so I have been taking that in. Stock show is fun. For two weeks, it's cows and horses and rodeos all the time. Generally, I haven't always been "good" about getting to the events once but obviously, that's not a problem this year! (The weather has been suspiciously good too...usually, it's frigid!!)

Jennifer Buxton and I went to the Mexican Rodeo on Sunday, she, Teresa Fedak and a friend went to the stock show parade Tuesday and Teresa and I are going to the Gambler's Choice jumping on Friday night. Oh, and I'm going with the barn to the $30k Grand Prix on Monday night. The hubby's aunt/uncle will be out this weekend (w/the Salers cattle) so I'm thinking we might be out there again with them too.

Jennifer and I are also trying to go see the AQHA World Championships for Ranch Horse stuff. We're both curious as to see if it's really what we think it is (or should be). We're especially interested in the Ranch Horse confirmation classes and I would like to see some cutting or trail too. If we don't do that, I think I'll see if I can persuade her to go to the "general" classes and what not next week. There should be a little of everything amongst the hunter/jumpers once the stock horses are gone! Or maybe we'll just go see draft halter classes! Who knows, plans are not in concrete.

And then, after that, I shall be bored again.