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2010 Blab! soldiers on ...

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Hopefully members have seen this announcement about changes to Blab in 2010. The major upgrade with articles feature was released by the software vendor much earlier than expected!

Upgrade doesn't seem to be an adequate word for the changes this will bring. Although the forums and basic Blab-ness of Blab will carry on as always, the opportunities offered by the upgrade are taking the whole Blab experience to a new level.

As this is written the upgrade is being tested, and new layouts for Blab are being explored. Yep ... the forums are the forums and always the center of Blab ... but from the forums screen you'll have a peek at what's new in articles and blogs.

As soon as a final version is hammered out we will be rolling out the next level of Blab. No exact ETA, but hopefully before end of February ... and definitely we want it done before the end of March.

Members will be asked for preliminary feedback on a very limited basis. Those who get a sneak peek will be speaking up for the masses!

And I do hope to show a teaser screen shot or two as we go ...

More to come ...