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Riding lessons--Western or English?

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Took about a year's hiatus, but I'm back on Blab again! It's been a stressful, crazy year. It was about a year ago when I came down w/pneumonia... made me seriously sick for three weeks! Then to top that off, I had a major crisis in my marriage... something I'm STILL dealing with, months later.

Well, in an effort to take my life back... I'm looking into riding lessons. I've only had one lesson, and that was about seven years ago. I've been on a horse maybe a total of a half-dozen times in my entire life... most of that when I was around 9 to 12 years old... more a passenger than really riding.

Anyway... I'd like to do both Western & English, but I'm wondering... should I learn one first, or the other, or can I do both at the same time? Anyone have any advice?


  1. dapple's Avatar
    I would recommend learning one style first, that way you will at least be comfortable on a horse and not be jumpy if it makes a sudden movement. I was really nervy when I first started riding and constantly felt like someone was pulling my chair over and giving me that startled feeling.

    I learned western first because my family had that sort of tack. I've ridden English and Aussie [slightly different saddles, Aussie is a good inbetween style]. For you, Western might be the ticket simply because of location in the Yee-Haw! capital. I have no idea how prevalent English might be in your area. I know in mine, both are present and easily found.

    Best of luck,
  2. StormWarrier's Avatar
    I would recommend finding a really good English trainer because I feel that learning proper dressage will give you the tools to do anything in the horse world. I've been trained in classical dressage (from my eventing trainer. I'm a competitive three day eventer.) and I feel I can do anything on a horse. It gave me a better base for everything I jumped, and I can ride western pretty well (according to an amazing rider/trainer in our area). Because it teaches you to ride the horse from your seat into your leg into your hand. That way the horse is working and you're working! It's also really good for your core strength! Good luck, expect hurdles, but have fun with it! Learning how to properly comunicate with these beautiful animals is the best reward in the world!!!

  3. Delilah's Avatar
    I think you should only do one first, then add the other, ask a trainer or another barn buddy what they ride and maybe play around a little, and remenber, life may get tough but when you climb into a saddle - regerdless what type - all those troubles seem to melt away. My advice is; life is short, seize the moment and have fun!!!
  4. Espirit's Avatar
    it is possible to do both at the same time but i would advice to learn western first its easyer to get in the rithem with