Do you ARA?

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...what the heck is ARA, you may ask? It's the Artist Resin Annual 2010, a book which I'll be editing. I'd like to extend my personal invitation to you to submit your materials for the book if you are a model horse sculptor.

I'm editing a book about Artist Resins. The book will include photos and release information submitted by the artists themselves.

Many collectors LOVE holding a collecting guide in their hands and looking at images of gorgeous artist resins. We all love the online sites! This book will act as a year anthology of resins released during the year.

Curious? Want to learn more? Please visit our web page -

All sculptors who have released a resin in 2010 are invited to participate. It's totally free too (did I mention that?!)

Questions? Email me, Jeanne Grunert, at you ARA? I sure hope so!