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Just some more newBreyers.......

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I've been reading in the Forums about Breyers at Tuesday Morning stores and went in for a look...Came out with the Spanish flamenco set. I see that Breyer has learned a lesson from the Jack Frost fiasco about stain prevention. The saddle pad on the Flamenco horse is colored... and there is a layer of plastic between it and the horse. I got the set for $49.99, it is going on ebay for $120.
I was looking at the doll and thinking that with her hair being in a nice updo she'd be a good candidate for a driver in a harness class, for that elegant look. I'd have to make a new outfit. I didn't want to take the set out of its box yet. I then went browsing on ebay and found just the doll available and snapped it up. Happy about that.
I also picked up a Fun with Model Horses set and the pose on that horse is suitable for a variety of events. Now to come up with names.

I'm still waiting on results from the latest MEPSA show, got the photos back yesterday. Hope I qualify some more photos.


  1. NatalieK's Avatar
    Ooh! Great deal! I need to check out my Tuesday morning, as well. I would sell it and go buy two more.
  2. Espirit's Avatar
    :cheer:cheercool iv been looking for some good deals
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