Valentine and Heartbreaker set (bay Giselle and Gilen) GLOSSY??

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Yes! Got the glossy set from a store near me and I will try and post a pic later. I am new to this site and will have to see how to do it. They are very pretty in gloss. I was going to try to resist buying this set, but then when I read on the internet that there were glossies, I figured I would start hunting.
Okay, here's a pic


  1. TwixBreyerStables's Avatar
    Yes, I have seen that some people on YouTube have gotten the glossy version of GG Valentine and Heartbreaker. It seems pretty cool! I have never seen these two before at a store, but then again, I havent been to many stores that sell Breyer Horses! XD
    Have a great day!

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  2. cheshirehorse's Avatar
    I was able to get my glossy GG and Heartbreaker for $39 from my dealer. :D
  3. Truson's Avatar
    I bought a set at BF this year. Paid $80, which is kinda steep, but I had the added advantage of the box having the seal open and I was able to talk the seller into taking them out for inspection, so that is worth the extra money I think.