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I'm new here and I plainly do have a clue on how to do this ^^; I love model horses so that's why I sighed up, but do have many questions and hopefully someone can answer them. But first I need a little more help on how this website really works ^^


  1. dapple's Avatar
    Hi, if you are a paid member most areas are open to you so you can ask questions in the apropriate forum. I have found that reading the 'frequently asked questions' portions first, as well as the 'sticky' files in each forum area really helped when I first joined last year.
    In addition, just clicking on the 'what's new' button at the top of the page brings up all the most reecent posts from all the forums. If there is some area you are especially interested in, I suggest reading that forum as far back as you can.

    I'd especially recommend going to the gallery if want to drool over some lovely models!

    Welcome aboard!

    Dapple/ Tonia