First Model Horse Show FAIL!!!! :doh

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Well, Today I finally had the nerve to enter a photo show, I've been wanting to forever, but was always nervous because I do NOT know anything about showing, but I thought I'd try. Turns out I took about 30 pics hoping when they got on the computer they would look better, :bigdoh they didn't but yet again I still thought I should try, well I got all the information I needed ready (the breed, name, etc.) and posted it, I don't think I even posted it in the right section, and I feel clueless, and regret it completely!!!!! :hide

But I'M NOT GIVING UP, :woot

I'm asking you guys to please!!! Give me info about showing, anything I need to know about first show (photo & live) as if I didn't know what model horse showing is!!!! :lmao

*If you could give me links and stuff that would be great!


  1. crzyhorseluvrforeva's Avatar
    And, just figured out, EMOTICONS DON'T WORK IN TITLES!!! LOL =D
  2. cheshirehorse's Avatar

    That might help...I watched youtube vids until I got the hold of model horse I have champs. =^.^=