Model Show Soon: Any Breed Advice?

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hey im new here but im going to a model horse show soon. i was wondering if you have any tips on breeds for these models besides obvious things like paint, appy, etc. here they are!

Let's Go Riding Cody Model (besides paint)
Hank (besides appy)
Let's Go Riding English Marabella Model (besides morgan)
Smarty Jones (besides Thoroughbred, Barb maybe?)
Stage Mom (thinking of Karabair, no good?)
Isadora Cruce (besides Mustang)
S Justadream (besides arabian)
Custom Pinto Bouncer (no idea xD)

thanks u guys!!!
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  1. Jianna's Avatar
    I've seen Cody go as a Mustang before, but that's all about your opinion on his confirmation. Marabella looks like a Morgan the most to me. Smarty Jones MIGHT be able to pass as some kind of Quarter Horse mix. Stage Mom, I'd say maybe a Belgian Warmblood? Isadora Cruce, I could see maybe a Paint/Percheron considering she has the correct looks. S Justadream could maybe be some kind of pony with and Arabian....
  2. cheshirehorse's Avatar
    I would show S Justadream as a welsh/arabian and smarty Jones as a QH. I show my stagemom as a dutch warmblood. :)
  3. yuna's Avatar
    Smarty Jones has huge quarters for a TB, you can show him as a AQH, Stage Mom i think she will do well as Hunter,