I need some suggestions for showing!!!

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im a new model shower and i want some ideas. idk wat theme i shud go with and wat i could use as props. cud anyone possibly post some pictures of like dioramas of ur breyers or of live shows i wont copy u ill just use the theme. please post or comment thanks :gallop


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    Hi Hannah, are you looking to show in performance only or halter as well? Many people here on Blab are always willing to help! I'm guessing you aren't a paid member so you cannot see the Show Ring section? I did not like that when I first joined, either.
    For performance, it really depends on the sport or event you're looking to try. I do not know that much about performance (I only show halter), but I'd say the best place to start is to pick out one or two events to set up so you can focus on those!
    If you're talking about actual dioramas (I know some shows have these classes) where people set up horse "scenes" that are larger than a normal performance entry and include more props, a good way to start out with those is use what you already have! Barns (although some shows don't have a lot of room and you should check to see if there are entry size limits), fencing, animals, rider dolls, hay bales- I did do one of these types of setups at my first show. I used fencing, an oval metal water bucket (larger, came in a set of Breyer accessories), and a horse wearing a turnout blanket. It was simple, but I did not want to start off complicated.
    The best way to set up something like this is to create a scene that you've seen before, like at a barn, or horses in a field. How are they standing? What types of items are around them? (This is especially good for a barn scene). I have seen many amazing setups over the years, both in person and in photos. Though the key is to try and be as realistic as possible, you don't have to spend a fortune to do so. Breyer props and accessories are generally nice enough to include. Some things, like straw/hay, you can make yourself if you want to do so.
    Sorry for the long response, but I hope I've answered some questions! :)