2012 breyer treasure hunt...?

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what molds are they on this year? i love to do these but i havent heard anything about a treasure hunt this year! :tantrum soooo is there even a tresaure hunt this year?


  1. glasses17's Avatar
    Oi! I hope so!!! What if they did one on the Bluegrass Bandit mold?!?!? The would be SOOO cool! She's my favorite mold EVER, next to Othello!!! =D (Fingers crossed!)
  2. AllianceIsMyBoy56's Avatar
    Othello is my obsession!! :D lol and bluegrass bandit would be cool :D i kinda want it to be on the GG valentine mold;) or the Huckleberry bey hmmmm lol
  3. theblackarabianlover's Avatar
    I hope its a Susecion & LeFire Set tresure unt like a unicorn or somthing :D
  4. theblackarabianlover's Avatar
    I ment tresure hunt :/ darn keys