More Fog...????

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This is so odd, more fog. Low temp 35. So I guess Fall is really here. We've got leaves falling off the maple tree in the yard. So I guess break out the rakes.

We have been working on our round pen. We rented a box scraper and that worked quite well for digging thru the hard pan. But boy do we have ROCKS!! We've picked rocks till we are blue in the face. I think we've got them down to a dull roar.

Next week we will have 2 dump trucks of sand delivered. Sand is much cheaper than over in Fall City where we used to live. There we paid $350.00 for 1 dump truck load. Here in Colville 2 loads will cost us $250.00

Chickens are still laying quite well...more eggs than we can eat. Horses are fat and happy. Still have lots of pasture, so we haven't had to start feeding hay yet. We are shooting for the first of Nov. to start feeding hay. Winter last year lasted way into spring. Hopeing that doesn't happen again. We've got about 8 tons of hay for our 6 horses, so we should be OK.

We are trying out yet another horse shoer. They are just soooo unreliable around here. What a pain. It's funny the only things I miss about Fall City are...my best friend Diana, our espresso girls, Kelly & Jamie and our horseshoer, Melinda. She was GREAT!! The new shoer is coming out on Tuesday. It's such a pain. Our horses hooves are just not in as good as shape as they were in Fall City cause we can't get them on a schedule here. Most of the shoers around here do this in addition to a "real job", where as Melinda did it full time. Wish us luck with this one.