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What was your first ever Breyer horse model?

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(I don't know if a previous post like this has been done before, as I'm relatively new to blab, but I'm curious!)

Photos welcome! :D

No matter how old or young, when we first start our collection, and I mean, a real collection (Graduating from grand champion and Barbie horses to the big guns), we all started with a Breyer. Whether that be a FAM or clydesdale from the 70s and 80s, or a classic or stablemate in the 90s or today.

I got my very first Breyer from Yankee Candle when I was in sixth grade. It was none other than Afleet Alex. :) I can still remember being absolutely stunned by his beauty and detail. I was now hooked to the world of Breyer! (Also, they had those catalogs with them then, so staring at all of the models in the catalogs made me want more and more!). Of course, I was still a bit young, and so he suffered some battle wounds from light play-(no breaks or chips though!).

I still have him and always will, as he will always be the most important Breyer to me.

Here he is today on a shelf with my other LG molds. My collection now stands at close to 500 models.


So, what was your first Breyer horse? How old were you and where did you get it? Pictures welcome! :toothy
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  1. maplewoodmodelhorses's Avatar
    my first breyer was the saddle club starlight
  2. Echo1212's Avatar
    My first breyer was Flash and I got it when I was like 5-6 he has severe wounds!@ lost legs,lost tail,ALOT of rubs,and ear,hooves,"tail",and muzzle rubs D= lol he's been thrown at walls and...yes laptops...my dumb but half brother.... O.o But I didn't know he was Breyer and I didn't know how much he was worth. He places GREAT in most loved and most beat up shows/classes though =D