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Today just sucks. Tried to get homework done early, professor cancelled assignment. Met with advisor for grad school application, denied acceptance to school. Have to stay a whole extra year to amend the damage. Just about missed my bus home. Boyfriend sick and I'm depressed. Snow fell on us and sneakers have a hole. No money left thanks to scammers who got a hold of my bank account. Miss my ponies at home and found out through a "Oh by the way" conversation from home that one of my rabbits died. And to top it off, the resin I was hoping to purchase looks like it's falling through, haven't heard from seller in five days promising pictures. It was the perfect resin to finally have a portrait model of my pintaloosa mare made.

I just want to curl into a ball and cry, and let the day just revolve around me without having to do anything. Hate being depressed. Thank you sucky ex-boyfriend for emotional abuse.

Okay, gotta try to finish this homework, due tomorrow at 8am. Just had to vent and release it all.