I've Designated 2012 June-July-August as Super Summer!

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Welcome to my blog!

I've determined that 2012 June-July-August is my Super Summer. I have very specific goals in mind, and I will... yes, WILL do my best to accomplish those goals this year!

What goals?

1. Start a kettlebell workout and keep up with it
2. Stay on top of my nutritional goals (I've gone Paleo -- anyone have any thoughts on it?)
3. Work on general personal appearance "upgrades" (hands, nails, hair, make-up)
4. Work on personal items (organization, finances, etc.)
5. Take time to work on my next novel
6. Lose 25 pounds by August 31

Pretty lofty goals, eh? Especially for a (nearly) 53-year-old woman. But I am going to do it. I can depend on only person, and that's me. And I need to make myself stronger, better... and I can do it. I WILL do it!

Here are some of the ways I'm going to reach my goals:
1. Take measurements weekly, including weight
2. Track my food intake (this works really good for me)
3. Write down weekly goals for #4 above and cross them off as accomplished
4. Report my progress here

I will report my measurements here, and I'm hoping I find the courage to post photos (eventually). Just not there yet.

So, that's the layout to my summer! What's yours?


  1. elfling's Avatar
    You go!! I'm working on shedding 70#... it's hard, I work out 6 days a week but I FEEL so much better.
  2. shastaharley's Avatar
    You go Cheryl. You know we will all support you. I'll be checking in here to see your progress and hoping for a Super picture before the end of summer.