New Year Brings A Great Turn Around

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So, I entered University a Biology major on the preVet or Premed track. I was miserable, my science and math grades were horrible. I saw that my electives were consistently good grades. Finally, my sophmore year, I had had enough of feeling horrible about myself. I saw what I was really interested in and good at: Asian and Asian American Studies. I switched my major accordingly. I have always been a B's and mixed A's student until college. This semester, for the first time in my life, I have received all A's. I feel so happy I want to tell everyone!

For the New Year, my goal is to finish the projects I have started. I want to photoshow my customs and possibly make tack to show in performance(again, photoshows). I hope Color Crazy Live will be this year too. It was fun! I want to have some horses of my own done! My goal during winter break is to finish sculpting the projects I have going on and prep them so I can paint throughout the semester and the summer.

I want to buy myself something in celebration...What to get? Maybe a weathergirl to customize? Or perhaps the new Mawari?


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