Back at School, but where is my motivation?

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I have been back at school for about three weeks now. Over break, I got little done prepping wise(surprise surprise). Broke my Totilas' leg again while prepping. I decided that maybe I can only focus on a few horses at a time, so I only brought a few back to school with me. I have had zero motivation to break out the epoxy and finish sculpting some SM's that have been waiting a year now for primer and paint. Or to get my hands dirty with magic sculpt and do some mane and tails and ears. I know you have to practice to get better, but my manes are UGLY so far. And I DREAD prepping.

I got the new Marwari mold and I'm not that taken with him for some reason. I like the CMed ones I'm seeing in the spam page much better. I want to lower his neck and tuck his head, or maybe have him tossing it. I want those curly ears to touch at the tips! lol. Mostly, I'm not thrilled with the lack of detail on his mane and tail, but I am too afraid of screwing him up.

Another frustration is SM tack making. I made one saddle and it took me four or five hours, most of it skiving some leather I got from an old purse. I also had a hard time cutting out the saddle shapes with my craft blades for some reason. My main frustration was skiving. I ordered a skiving tool, so hopefully that will help. I am too stubborn to get tooling leather yet when I have a huge purse to use up first. Plus I would need to buy dye and sealer...Wish I had a money tree! lol. Being a college student sucks. I may have to give up Equestrian Club this semester due to tuition bills and to save money for my study abroad trip. I REALLY want to go study in Japan... I might be selling some bodies to fund that trip, so stay tuned!

lol, sorry about all the complaints. No one really understands my artistic woes.


  1. Equus of Antiquity's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that you're in an artistic slump. I've been in and out of the slump myself. I have a bunch of projects that need to be started and finished. Your work is beautiful. I have the 2012 Spring Fling SM you did and I love it! Sending you a jug of motivation and hope you can get back into your projects soon!
  2. kcpkaptivating's Avatar
    Thank you! I'm so glad you like her!I wish that I had seen this comment earlier or gotten an alert about it =) Still feeling a bit lacking in the motivation department, but I hope the SM Swap can cure it for both of us!