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[QUOTE=Chimerical;2265817]Hi! I'm an undergrad environmental studies student living in upstate New York. I've long been interested in the model horse hobby, but being a student and having little money to put into it, I've been living vicariously through several hobby blogs.

I recently acquired my first resin, and am working on fixing him up this summer. It's proving to be an interesting process so far; I'm going to start on resculpting soon. I am blogging the experience, if if anyone wants to follow along, here's the URL: [URL]http://resinrevamp.tumblr.com/[/URL] I'm hoping to get him to the point where I can put a finish coat on him and possibly photo show him.

As for real horses, I've ridden English on the flat for many years, and am yearning to learn dressage. I had to stop because of the cost (I also wan't too happy with my college's program), but I'm waiting for the day when I can get back into it.

That's me and model horses in a nutshell! Excited to be here and learn as much as I can.[/QUOTE]


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    I do not think I did this right! I just wanted to keep up on Chimercial's progress with her first custom. I just wanted to be notified when she made new entries. I did not intend to 're-post' her blog! My apologies to the Mods and fellow blabbers if I made a boo-boo...