This year's show round-up

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Hi all,

So, my first blog, thought I'd make it as interesting as possible and report back on my season's showing this year. :)

First show of the year was Didmarton Resin and China in May. Some highlights here were my Mother's Melba Ware Shire coming third, and mine coming second in the other commercial division, and my little Breyer Porcelain Foal 'Chipsticks' winning his class. A few BMEC's/NAN cards and a vary happy mummy, 10 of my tiny string of 12 placed.

A two and a half hour drive up the motorway, our longest drive for a show, took us to Model Horse Love Live in Melton Mowbray, only being made possible for me to go thanks to my lovely boyfriend Liam offering to drive, and covering petrol and accomodation costs so we could head up the day before. A few successes were found, including my Stone 'Dancing Barefoot' ISH taking Reserve Champion in the OF American division, and my Breyer Polaris winning the Arabian class. More BMECs/NAN cards, more happy mummy, and a much bigger string! :yaymiller

Two weeks later we headed down to Reading for Glitz and Glamour Live, my most successful of the season. My Smarty Jones took Champion in the OF Part-bred section, with my Dulce de Leche swiping the Reserve to Reserve in the same section. My Glossy Spring, bought for me by my Mother (all on her own, she picked him!) for my 16th birthday took Reserve in the OF Heavy section, and Smarty took Overall OF Reserve to Reserve in a very competetive championship.:woohoo Nearing 20 BMEC's/NAN cards from this show, and an stupidly happy mummy!

My final show of the season for now was yesterday, at Didmarton OF, CM and CTF. My string of 90 did me proud with 14 BMEC's/NAN cards, some horses now having multiple cards, and a good friend of mine, Annmarie taking home three of the beautiful rossettes on offer in the form of two Reserve to Reserves and a Reserve, was very happy for her and her lovely horses. Thrilled mummy by the end of all of it! :grin

So, where next for my little plastic string? I'm hoping to proxy a few at one more show this year, before we head to BMEC's in Enderby at the beginning of October. The year will probably be rounded off with a trip to Halloweenies to give my mini's a chance in the spotlight. I am also looking at running an OF/CTF show with Annmarie as co-host and sidekick in the next few months to raise money for a friend of mine, Carol, working with the local Roma Gypsy women and children in Bulgaria, and I am hoping to have the opportunity to visit Carol and join with her work for a few weeks next year, and hand over the profits from the show in person!

Even more excitingly, a trip to Lexington may be on the cards too! I was telling my boyfriend Liam about BMEC's cards now qualifying horses for NAN as well, and mentioned that there was word of a possible trip, maybe I could send some of my horses with them to be proxied there. Liam said, to my surprise, why send them with someone else when we can organise to go and you can do it in person? To make a long story short, through lots of hard earning at work, a generous boyfriend and lots of showing, I may just be able to make it to NAN next year! I am thrilled at even the prospect, and it will be a real highlight of the hobby for me if I am able to make one of my hobby 'grail' trips to NAN. Who knows, I may get to bring my Bristolian accent, blonde-haired boyfriend and herd of ponies to meet some of you and your lovelies next summer! :bananadance:bananadance:bananadance

On that note, for now, Jody over and out. Maybe in the next post I will treat you all to some photos of the ponies mentioned - all we need is for the camera to play ball....


  1. iluvrats's Avatar
    definitely worthy of hundreds of dancing bananas! my grails are NAN and Breyerfest too. sounds like you've had a great year so far, hope you get to NAN and have a lovely time! keep us posted :-)