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Stablemate tack attempt

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Oi! I knew it would be a challenge. I think I did okay. The stirrups are a little far back....well, were a little far back, I just tweaked them. I have learned how to skive this leather lace, a 1mm kangaroo. It is essential the blade be even and level. The lace is already so small that I had to keep it close to the edge so my blade wouldn't be cockeyed. I really like the glue I used; Beacon 527 multi use glue. The easiest way I've found to apply it is to put a puddle nearby and use a soldering pick, [essentially a really fine pointed awl]. I'm lousy at coming up with my own patterns so I used the one from Lynn Ryan-Shupe's model tack booklet. It was a traditional size pattern and I scanned it to my computer and scaled it down to stablemate size. I lucked out and got it right the first time. I made a couple of alterations like adding a second skirt and one strip to connect the stirrups and fenders. It looks like I might alter the horn and the way the pommel attaches as well, just haven't gotten that far. Well after 5 attempts to upload photos one of our systems is being stupid.