She Sells Seabiscuits by the Seashore

My beautiful modles are not helping anyone on my shelf!

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I was looking at the web site of the horse shelter I am supporting through model sales. Bleahh! Look: [URL][/URL]
Poor horsies! This is why I wanted to make them a holiday gift, but it will be a while before all the funds are ready in PayPal. In the meantime I am enjoying the models I do have before anyone ends up buying them, though sales over the holidays have picked up. I'm waiting to start showing with tack several of them, after the holidays. It is getting too freezing and windy to photography them on the beach lately, so perhaps that will wait better weather and a new ski mask.

Every time I am so fond of a new model I had always wanted, I remember that it will do much more good if someone buys it from me and funds go to the shelter.