NAN 2014 Already?!

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Haven't blogged here in awhile so forgive the jump in date. :uh

First, I'll start with an update of sorts.
I recently completed my second medallion Miss FabMULEous, the sparky little mule foal. Very happy with how this cute little one came out. Right now, you can order your very own Miss FabMULEous through my website. (I also have a micro sculpt done and in the casting process but they will need alot of work before sales).


I received reports early in the year that many of my micros have been having a blast on the show floor. Taking numerous firsts and even some champs. I do have to say though, that I am the most proud of the little Lilly I painted (Bubbles, aka Tinkerbell) who did VERY well for her mamma at her first show at M.O.M Live! She took OVERALL CHAMPION in non-plastic Workmanship! :adore I miss this little one. One of my favorites and it makes me glad to see she has a great home :)


In other news (and again, a little late to the posting) I can't believe it was time for NAN already! I was happy to hear some fantastic news from a few clients regarding some of my ponies out there! So without further ado, I am very, very excited to announce that little Lester received a top ten in breed and Reserve Champ in workmanship!! It was well worth all of the trouble he put me though! (Fun fact: Lester got his name for his love of the lestoil :lol )


And little BOOM here also got a top 10 in workmanship!!

I know there ae a bunch more horses out there of mine that were NAN qualified. So if you heard or spotted any of these little ones on the show floor anywhere, be sure to give me a holler! I love to hear how they do!

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