Dilema: New Model or New Art Supplies?

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Anyone else have this problem? I sold enough models to buy an SM resin of my choice and have some money left over, or I have enough money to buy a cheap airbrush set that comes with 3 airbrushes and a compressor that comes recommended by a model horse artist and several artists on youtube as a good beginner set. On one hand, maybe a new method of painting is what I need to get out of my artistic slump. Prepping for pastels drives me CRAZY and then I still get grain. Perhaps base coating with acrylics will help? On the other hand, one of my SM resins on my list is limited to 50 pieces.... I would just need to sell my remaining body and I could have both....
Can anyone tell that patience is not one of my virtues? I was even considering buying bodies and I am trying so hard to keep to my resolution. XD At least 2 are going out to swaps and 1 may or may not be finished on time to go in for a contest. I have a CollectA that I am pasteling that is almost ready for his whites. I am excited.
Also! Once I get my resin kit from my dad, I can start experimenting with casting my paperclay horse sculpture and refine it. Super excited to document that, as I will be using Composimold. Its a recyclable rubber that you can melt and reuse.

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