Breyerfest 2018: Special Runs

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[SIZE=3]Welcome to my very first BLOG!
I want to try my hand at this because I love writing and sharing my opinions.
For the time being, I'm going to try to keep it Breyerfest related. Every now and then I might write one about a web special or primer club release. I hope that people enjoy these!!

Special Runs always brings about excitement for breyerfest attendees.
So far Breyer has released three Special Run Models. These are very different from Store Specials and Tent Specials.
For those who do not already know, Special Run Models are only available to special run ticket holders which are included with the three-day tickets.

Now for a rundown of the ones that have been already released. I'll give the name of the model, the mold that it is on, my opinions on the model and mold, and if I will be purchasing it or not.[/SIZE]


Let's Begin!

[SIZE=5]Straight Bet[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]Mold: Spanish Stallion(Duende[/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3])
[/SIZE]Mold Release Year: 2017
This horse intrigues me, I'm interested in the model but at the same time, I am worried that the paint job that they chose to do on him will be muddy. Breyer might not take the necessary time to make sure that the different variations of browns do not make him look strange and muddy. If they can execute this coloring in a beautiful way then I believe he will do well. I also am a little iffy on the mold. When I first saw the preview for Duende at breyerfest 2017, I was IN LOVE. I thought that I would absolutely need to get my hands on one. However, once the pictures started coming out and people started to show the side by side comparison of the resin to the plastic, my opinion changed. Granted that the mold itself transferred decently, the coloring did not. Breyer dropped the ball on his markings for sure.
Purchase- Yes or No:
This is a maybe. I have to see what he looks like in person. Most people can agree that the pictures that they put on their website are not the most flattering or to flattering. So, until I see how they do the paint job, it is a maybe.

[SIZE=5]Dead Heat
Mold: Ruffian
Mold Release Year: 2006
When I first saw this horse...I DIED! First off, I'm a sucker for Appaloosas. If Breyer puts an Appaloosa pattern on any mold I will most likely want it. I don't know why but that is how I am. I do really enjoy the color scheme that they have used. I do not see any way that they can screw up unless they lack quality control and allow the ones with overspray to go through. Overspray can be a problem with this since it is a blanket appaloosa, but that may or may not happen. I appreciate that Breyer is using the Ruffian mold. It is not my favorite racehorse mold but I do enjoy it. The last time that this mold was used for a Regular Run was in 2015 for American Pharoah, and I understand why they do no release run on this mold as often since it is very clearly a racehorse mold. I still feel that it is underappreciated.
Purchase- Yes or No:
This is an easy YES for me! The only way that I would not get this horse is if the model does not look good in person. This has happened to me in the past. I would be in LOVE with a model from the picture, get to the Artisans Gallery on Thursday night and hate the horse. Hopefully, this will not happen with this one.

Julep & Pim
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]Mold: Performance Lipizzaner Mare and Foal
Mold Release Year: 2017
This is difficult for me to give a complete thought on because I am a little torn. I semi-like the mare while totally hating the foal. I do not like the majority of the foal's that Breyer has done. I don't know why, but none of them have ever really suited my fancy. I do not like how the neck of the foal is and I do not like the neck creasing on the mare. However, I really do like the coloring and patterning on them. I am a little confused on why the mare is a totally different color than the foal. Unless Breyer is using the idea that after the first shed, then the true color of the foal is revealed.
Purchase- Yes or No:
This is a no for me. I think that if I could just get the mare by itself then it would be yes. It is just one of those that didn't make me have to have it.

That is all that Breyer has released and when more are out, I will continue.

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