Model Horse Blab FAQ

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Signatures must be 200 x 600 Pixels or less

Signatures may be no more than 200 pixels in height and 600 pixels in width. These size parameters include all photos and text, everything in the signature window. To assist you in determining your signature size by visually comparing it to an example, see this thread in Blab Support for help.

An easy size parameter is to stick with a small signature height, no higher than the banner ad stack in the top right window of the forum page. From the top of the upper banner, to the bottom of the lower banner.

If you are unsure how to control the size of your signature, or an image you would like to use, please feel free to contact a moderator and ask for assistance.

If your signature is too large you will most likely be contacted by management with a request to edit for size. However, in cases of signatures that are quite a bit over the heigh limit, expect that the signature may be cleared by management even before you are contacted.

If a member has been contacted repeatedly, and still frequently has an oversized signature, you may lose the ability to have a signature.

You can preserve your signature code by copying it into a private message and sending it to yourself.

Unacceptable Signature Content

Members may have weblinks in their signatures as long as the links do not lead to “spam" sites. You may only include images in your signature that you have personally produced, or have explicit permission to use in this context. It is not required that you identify yourself by first and last name on Blab (except in certain forums).

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