Model Horse Blab FAQ

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Light Swearing and/or Rudeness are *Not* Moderated

Light swearing (BS, "damn", etc.) is permitted. More extreme cursing is not permitted, except in the WOYM (What's On Your Mind) forum. Acroynms for more colorful and extreme cursing are not permitted (e.g., STFU) outside of WOYM, with the exception of appropriate use of our WTF smiley. The use of keyboard symbols (e.g. */#) in the place of letters do not change unacceptable content. The way it reads is what it says, even if symbols are substituted for letters.

Blab does not moderate "rudeness." Personal attacks and slights are not permitted (see below "Acceptable Post Content about Other People.") However, abruptness of tone, disagreement and/or contrary opinions are allowed. Posting anything on Blab opens it up to adverse comment and criticism.

No Dragging Disputes Around the Forum

Disagreements and/or disputes should be confined to the thread where the discussion began. Don't bring it up and start the argument again in other threads.

No cross-linking threads inside & outside of WOYM

WOYM discussion is limited to topics raised in WOYM. Because not all members have access to WOYM, it would not be fair to allow discussion about outside-WOYM threads. Likewise, don't link or refer to WOYM threads outside of WOYM.

You may link to threads to direct members to information on a topic that has been previously discussed if neither thread is located in WOYM.

Check the WOYM Rules below for more information about WOYM.

Images Belonging to Others May Only Be Posted with Their Permission

You may not post images belonging to other people on Blab without their permission. The exception is images displayed on the public internet - see "No Posting Content from Other Sites" above for more detail.

This rules includes images / photographs taken by others of models that you own, even if the photo was taken after your ownership of the model. U.S. copyright law assigns ownership of a photographic image to the photographer at the instant the image is captured, regardless of the location or ownership of items in the photo.

Do Not Promote Similar Websites on Blab

Linking to or promoting other website forums that are similar in structure and purpose to Blab is not allowed. This is out of respect for the long and profound effort and creativity that went into building Blab.

"Promoting" includes describing the other forum, giving information on fees, and in any other way informing and/or encouraging Blab members to visit the other forum.

Blab does not allow talking down and denigrating other hobby forums. In rare cases there may be a limited amount of latitude for accurate reporting in special-purpose areas such as TTB. But in general, we'd like to avoid such topics.

It is not a violation of this rule to link to or inform members of other website forums that are not like Blab in structure and overall purpose.

Limits on Linking, Quoting and Posting Content from Other Sites

You may link to content on other sites. You may not copy an entire article or text from another website and post it on Blab. Quoting small portions of text from other websites is acceptable and within the "Fair Use" exception of copyright law.

If a photo or image is on the public internet, you may post a link. Do not use the Blab editing feature to display the image linked from the other site in a Blab post unless it is a mass-public-access site such as those for news and advertising.

Blab is not legally responsible for content posted on Blab

Under U.S. law, Blab, its management and ownership are not accountable to those whose names and personal information are posted on Blab, or for any comments posted about anyone, regardless of who posted it. Blab almost never deletes content posted within Blab rules, nor is it legally required to do so, regardless of requests or demands, in the interests of content continuity.

Under U.S. law, Blab, its management and ownership are not accountable for any opinions, facts or errors of fact that are posted on Blab.

If you feel a situation is worthy of special consideration, use the Contact Blab link at the top to POLITELY explain why.

No Begging for Reputation Points

Do not make posts requesting that people give you positive reputation points.

Limits on Solicitations and Requests for Donations

Blab permits hobbyists to ask for donations for model horse shows and the occasional recognized non-profit organization, preferably those relating to animals. We permit members to set up ongoing gift or comfort-giving threads for others, that exist without the knowledge and/or instigation of the prospective recipients. We permit paid members to post goods for sale in our Sales or Artist Announcement forums.

We do not permit members to request one-to-one donations, individual requests for money, participation in other fund-raising schemes or like solicitations. We forbid such activity on both the public forums and via the other features of Blab (private messages, visitor messages, etc.). This rule helps to keep the forums free from spam-like material, and/or appeals vastly unrelated to our traditional subject matter.

If you have a question about whether your post item is in conflict with this rule, please contact us prior to posting.

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