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What are Moderators

Moderators oversee the operation of Blab, enforce rules, and assist members.

Blab's moderation principal: Blab is "lightly moderated," meaning that there aren't many restrictions on post content, and that mods are not an overbearing presence. Members have a lot of freedom and discretion in their posting. To make this work, all members must honor the rules at all times without being nannied or closely watched, and respect and follow any mod direction they receive, so there is little need of more prevalent moderating. The mods are nice people, and they aren't hard on first-time infractions and simple mistakes, made by newbies or by long-time Blab veterans. We try to be reasonable and fair - and always on behalf the entire Blab membership, as well as individual Blabbers.

Because none of the moderators can be online at every moment, members are encouraged to report posts that violate these rules.

Rule enforcement is undertaken in a variety of ways, which include but are not limited to posting reminders of rules within a thread, privately contacting members, editing threads or posts, locking threads, or by other means.

Moderators may be contacted by locating the "View Forum Leaders" link on the Blab Forums page.

Reporting a Post; Using the Post Report Button

Because none of the moderators can be online at every moment, members are encouraged to report posts that violate these rules.

You can report a post that you believe to be a violation of the Rules by clicking the triangle icon in the lower frame of the post. Mouse-over the buttons to see the description of each.

Please consult the rules before you report a post, and tell the mods specifically what rule you see being violated.

Rules Violations Generally

Blab management makes every effort to treat members fairly, and to enforce rules consistently, with the help of member's post reports.

Blab management reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary on a case-by-case basis.

In most cases -

- First violation (and infrequent violations generally) gets a pm (private message) with polite guidance from a mod.

Multiple violations within a year or less:

-- Second violation of the same rule: may be 1 week's suspension of posting privileges, with or without read-only access.

-- A third violation may lead to a much longer suspension.

Although we have a standard violations process, we consider each case on its own merits and may make exceptions in the process for either leniency or strictness.

Do not address another member about a violation yourself, either through pm's or posting. Report it using the button described above, and let the moderators handle it. In many cases you'll will receive a pm from the mods letting you know your report was handled.

Use of Self Help Tools is Required

Please note that members are expected to use self-help tools available to them in their My Panel in conjunction with moderation. For example, if a person is sending you unwanted private messages, you are responsible for placing this person on IGNORE, or using other tools at your disposal before asking moderators to assist you in correcting the problem. These features are detailed in the Features section of the FAQs. If harrassment continues through various channels, members are encouraged to report it with copies of the exact messages sent if the messages are not visible to the moderators.

We Do Not Edit/Delete Your Posts At Your Request

Blab management does not delete or edit your posts at your request
    Think carefully before hitting submit !!!

    If you are very upset or in any way not your usual charming self, that is not the time to post on Blab. (Or anywhere else on the internet - your feelings may become more moderate, but the un-editable content you posted will not.)

    Be ready to stand behind anything you post on Blab, because it is going to be there a very, very, loooonnng time!

    Blab management may choose to edit or remove certain rules violations. In most cases the member who posted it will be hearing from management.

Offensive or Rude Posts Not Moderated

Occasional rudeness or otherwise offensive points-of-view are not subject to moderation.

Exceptions to Offensive or Rude Post Rule

We will make an exception where other members repeatedly complain or where in our judgment a member is: (a) participating largely to provoke others (e.g., "trolling"), (b) provoking and aggravating others beyond what a member contributes, (c) causing moderators to spend an unusually high amount of time keeping the peace, (d) routinely trying to use management as a means to further disputes with others, (e) disregarding management requests, or (f) otherwise abusing Blab's resources and consuming far more moderator time than other members. Engaging in this conduct subjects the member to further action, including limitations on the member's access. Members who find posts they consider to be offensive are to use the Post Report function and leave further action to the moderators.

Minimal Moderation of Blogs and VMs

Management does not actively patrol for offending Blog entries or comments, or for offensive Visitor Messages. If you find a member is abusing these features, please utilize the self-help tools described in the FAQs to stop the offender's access. We will certainly take action if these measures fail to help, but we expect members to use self-help tools first. Otherwise complaints about blog content should go to the blogger.

Repeated Rules Violations and Deliberate Violations (or 'How to Get Kicked Off Blab')

This section is intended for repeat violators of any rule,
and for egregious behavior.

Minor and unintentional slips are treated gently and politely by the mods.

The vast majority of members will never need the information in this section.

Blab's core moderating principal is twofold:
- "light", un-intrusive moderating, which is only possible by ...
- putting responsibility on each member to easily avoid problems by respecting the rules and the mods.
This approach has been preferred by members over closer supervision and more frequent intervention in threads.

Participating on Blab is an agreement to abide by Blab's simple rules, and the overwhelming majority of members do not find that hard to do - and Blab is for those members.

There are 3 things you can do to quickly get kicked off Blab - doing any one can cause sudden loss of access, temporarily or, very rarely, permanently:
  • intentionally violate a major rule of civil decorum, such as posting or messaging abusively, or posting porn;
  • ignore mod direction to do or not do something;
  • repeatedly violate the rules within a year or less (that includes everything from continuing to break a smaller rules, especially if told not to by the mods, to multiple temper tantrums, even if the tantrums are on the same subject on the same day).

In general: repeatedly violating the rules means the member can't keep their access to post on Blab.
In fairness to all members, deliberate infractions, even if someone thinks it is minor or they have a good reason, can mean a quick trip to the sidelines, temporarily or permanently.

Ignoring mod direction, and/or disrespect for one or more mods. Ignoring a note or post giving specific direction - such as a a note to cease arguing in a thread, or not to violate a certain rule a second time - is likely to mean that the member can't keep their access to post on Blab. Addressing a mod (one acting as a Blab moderator) disrespectfully, privately or publicly, may have the same result.

The standard moderating process is to communicate, explain and ask for voluntary compliance. We do require quick compliance. If that does not happen we will institute suspensions.

Blab's moderating principal for more difficult cases: Blab is not staffed to continuously monitor one member's activity to ensure rules compliance. Blab mods do not have time to engage in protracted discussions with people about their conduct on Blab. There is simply no room on Blab for those who, for any reason, do not follow the few rules. We will try to work with a member having difficulties up to a point. We very rarely will eject people for a first violation, even a second one.

Exceptions to the process may occur when, in the judgment of Blab management, the behavior is so egregious, or so thoroughly demonstrates an inability to get along with the other members, and/or to comply with Blab's simple rules, that it is not possible to possibly see an improvement without heavier moderating of that individual. That we do not do. To keep moderating light, Blab is for members who are well able to moderate themselves.

In most cases, for multiple violations within a year or less and deliberate violations:
Second violation or a deliberate violation even if it is a first one, may be up to 1 week's suspension of posting privileges, with or without read-only access. A written promise to abide by the rules is required for restoration of posting access.
Third violation is usually a long term, no-Blab-visibility suspension. A written promise to abide by the rules is required for restoration of posting access.
Bans (permanent loss of access) may be instituted for: disrespect for moderators; the member states a refusal to comply with the rules; the member demonstrates repeatedly that they can't be expected to comply with the rules regardless of their statements; the member is trolling, harrassing, bullying or in any way threatening another member(s.) In most cases, during this communications exchange the member will be advised what to do to avoid further trouble, and asked to state their agreement to abide by the rules.
Exceptional, rare cases for possible quick bans may occur if a member knowingly posts inappropriate material; is egregiously disrespectful of management; states a refusal to comply with rules; or is explosive and/or threatening toward other members.

Although we have a standard violations process, we consider each case on its own merits and may make exceptions in the process for either leniency or strictness. The management maintains full discretion to institute any action at any time, on a case by case basis.

***Loss of access to Blab by a paid subscriber due to the member's own behavior is not refunded.***

[NOT CURRENTLY IN USE] Blab's infraction system tracks rules violations. Each infraction stands for 1 year, unless an additional violation is incurred within a year, in which case all earlier active infractions are extended for the 1 year period of the new infraction. If no additional infractions are incurred within a year, the infraction expires, unless in the judgment of the moderators an extension is warranted. Most infractions incur 1 point.
[NOT CURRENTLY IN USE] Moderators have the discretion to issue warnings with no points, or to add additional points for egregious violations. Consequences for cumulative points at the time of each infraction are as follows: 1 = strong warning of the consequences of the next infraction; 2 = 1 week suspension of access to Blab; 3 = indefinite suspension of access to Blab. Management reserves the right to take such additional action as is in the best interests of the forum.

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