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No Name-Calling or other Personal Attacks

While mere rudeness is not subject to moderation on Blab, we do not allow members to call members or hobbyists names, such as “moron,” or “idiot,” nor do we allow members to name-call using cuss-words. Posters may comment on the discussion, but not personally about another member. That is, one may say "I disagree with your idea or opinion" but not "you are stupid" or "only stupid people think that." Personal attacks and name-calling are not permitted on any forum, including WOYM.

No Bigotry

Absolutely NO bigotry will be tolerated. Members who post racist/bigoted content may be banned.

No Trolling or Harassing Others

Blab is not to be used as a springboard to troll or harass other members. "Harassment" means routinely following another member from thread to thread in order to continue an ongoing personal dispute, or continuing to PM members who have requested that you cease. This also includes sending private messages or emails of a bullying nature, or repeatedly contacting a member who has requested that it stop. Blab forbids "trolling," which is joining or participating in Blab primarily to provoke and fuel arguments or disputes.

No Posting Private Messages or Emails (Exceptions in TTB)

You may not post private emails/PMs in a public forum without the other party's permission. We do make some exceptions in The Transactions Board forum for factual accounts of transactions.

Do Not Opinionate About Other Hobbyists (Members or Non-Members)

You are free to post about yourself and your life on Blab, if you wish. However, Blab does not allow discussion of other hobbyists (or their family members), even if they are not members of Blab. Blab is also not the place to to post negative opinions about other people engaged in the hobby in some way.

Information about another hobbyist may be shared with the full knowledge and permission of that hobbyist. However, Blab prefers the other party register and share their own information.

Not commenting on other hobbyists includes general negative opinions and commentary on specific persons who are associated with the hobby - even if you think that person is in error and deserves criticism. And even if that person is not a member of Blab.

You can express an opinion generally, without referencing another person. Rather than "I don't like the way So-And-So runs her shows", you can give your opinion about a specific thing you don't like without referencing any individual. For instance, "I don't like a showholder asking me to leave my model on the callback table" without referring to a showholder by name is ok.

There is some latitude for complaints posted in The Transactions Board (TTB), so long as what is posted focuses on facts rather than opinions. TTB is limited to specific incidents, actions and events. TTB is not open to exchanging general negative comments and opinions about others, regardless of your strong opinions about their actions. There is no place on Blab for that when it comes to others who engage with the hobby in some way.

You may give all the opinions you like about public figures, celebrities, politicians, your neighbor, your boss ... so long as you can tolerate people with opinions that don't agree with yours, post away.

No Posting of Other Hobbyist's Private Info

Blab does not allow the posting of the following information about hobbyists, including both members and non-members of Blab, and including in The Transactions Board:
- Contact or location identifiers such as email and physical addresses or phone numbers.
- Full names of minors that have not been shared by the minor themselves.
- Information about personal lives, activities and events.
......... The above restriction includes illnesses, birth of children, new home, marriage/divorce, etc. Not everyone wants this information shared with hundreds of strangers.
- PM & email content may not be shared.

There are two limited exceptions to the rule against sharing other hobbyist's personal info:

- In certain cases, if the information is an integral part of a report about a transaction in The Transaction Board, it may be ok to share. Please use judgment and allude to "a personal event" to avoid sharing information such as marital change or illness. See below for details on contact/location identifiers.CONTACT THE MODS BEFORE POSTING if you think personal info about a hobbyist is important to share.

- If the individual has already publicly shared that bit of information and it is accessible to other hobbyists generally (including a public Facebook account). It is best to post a link to that information, rather than copying it, in case access is withdrawn later.

*** Do not expose contact or location identifiers in The Transaction Board that the individual has not themselves made public elsewhere. However, to distinguish hobbyists from others with similar names, you may share the city, state and zip code, and/or a portion of the email address.

Blab is not legally responsible for names and info posted on Blab

Under U.S. law, Blab and its ownership and management are not responsible for references to individuals, including opinions and personal information, posted on Blab.

In the forum The Transaction Board (TTB), facts, advice and other personal information about others are permitted. Blab does not alter or delete such material unless it is a violation of Blab's rules and policies.

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