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Paid Membership (Subscription) Includes ...

The terms of a Paid Subscription are:
  • $18 per year or $1.80 per month (starting from the payment date)
  • Forum Access: Most forums available, subject to qualification for special forums such as WOYM or Parent's.
  • Chat: Have full access/use (based on your computer's compatibility). You can chat in real-time with other members of the Board.
  • Gallery: Full access. Members can display images of their horses, or other appropriate photos.
  • Photo Shows: Can participate in all photo shows.
    Note that the “Chat” and “Gallery” access may be limited due to technical issues, including your own computer’s compatibility.
  • PM Storage: 1,500 personal messages (private)
  • Avatar: Can have an avatar (200 x 200 pixels)
  • User title: Customizable
  • User Profile Pictures:May upload from your computer
  • Attachments (displaying photos & images in your posts): Can upload attachments
  • Agreement to all the terms and conditions contained in the FAQs and Rules.

  • Scroll down to see the information
    "Making Payments for Memberships"

Paid Memberships for Youth 18 & Under

The terms of a Paid Participant Student 18 & Under Membership are:
  • You must be 18 or younger to obtain this type of membership.
  • All permissions and access as the same as Paid Participants, above, subject to our discretion.
  • The cost is $10 per year, with the year commencing from your payment date.
  • Agreement to all the terms and conditions contained in the FAQs and Rules.

    See "Making Payments for Memberships" below.

Making Payments for Paid Memberships

Online Payments for New Paid Participants: Payment is accepted via multiple formats.

Click here for more details on subscription access & permissions.

You may pay through Paypal by following these easy steps
- From the top of the header select "My Blab" > "Paid Subscription" (or click here)
- Choose a Subscription type (brief description below each choice.)
- Follow the links to walk through payment by Paypal.

Snail Mail Payments
- If you are snail-mailing payment, PLEASE be sure to include your username on all payment/correspondence.
- Only 1-year subscription terms are accepted by mail.
- PM Mary and let her know your payment is in the mail. Access will be granted as soon as the message is received and read, and will continue as long as payment is received within 7 days of your notice.

Snail-mail payments can be mailed to:

Model Horse Blab
c/o Mary Hirsch
PO Box 12315
College Station, TX 77842 USA

Questions may be sent by Blab private message to Mary, or by email to

Renewing Expiring Paid Subscriptions

The basic Free Membership never expires.

Paid Subscriptions must be renewed through your payment, either manual or auto-renewal, depending on the subscription.
Auto-renewal Paid Memberships will renew on an auto-payment from your Paypal account, as long as it has not been canceled and there are sufficient funds.

Blab usually sends at least one early advance notice email (this is not guaranteed,) and will email again a day before the expiration. (Check your spam folder!) To receive this email, your account email must be current. Blab does not use member's email for things other than subscription renewal reminders (perhaps some urgent Blab issue).

Members can check their subscription expiration date from the top links, select My Blab > Paid Subscriptions.
Most members will see their sub end date. Members then have the option to step through the renewal process if they want to renew through Paypal.
If you do not see a sub end date, please email

General Notes:
- If your payment is not received by the due date and time, your membership automatically becomes a "Regular (Free) Membership."
- If you decide to pay later, your paid membership will start from the new payment date. Your paid membership account status should return to "normal," pre-expiration, immediately or within a few minutes.

- If you choose to renew early, your next due date will be one year from the current expiration date (not the early payment date.) For example, if your expiration is June 1, and you pay for your renewal on May 15, your next expiration date will be June 1 next year.

See "Making Payments for Memberships" above.

Paid Participant access is $18 per year, starting from the first payment date.
Paid Participants for Youth 18 & Under are $10 per year, starting from the first payment date.

Cancellation of a Paid Membership

Cancelling in the middle of the subscription term

Cancelling a subscription to terminate *before* it expires must be done by request to . Almost all requests are honored, per the terms below. No explanations are required. We do appreciate knowing why, but you don't have to tell us.

- A paid membership may be cancelled for a 100% refund for 3 months after the starting or renewal date.
- A paid membership may be cancelled for a refund of the pro-rated amount between 3 and 9 months after the starting or renewal date (or an amount close to the pro-rated amount to be determined by Blab management.)
- After 9 months from the starting or renewal date, refunds will not be given.

A member who cancels a paid membership for a refund may reinstate their paid status at any time by paying for a full year's (or a full month's) membership in the normal way. A new one-year or one-month membership will start from the payment date.

Cancelling Auto-Renewals

Instructions for cancelling auto-renewals so that they will not renew.

If a member wants to stop an upcoming auto-renewal, the member must take action in their Paypal account.
- Log in to your Paypal account.
- Click this link for instructions, OR
- In the top links of your Paypal account: Profile > Profile & Settings > My Money > My Pre-approved Payments > Update
- You will find a list of your auto-payments. Select the one for Blab, and near the top "Status" select "Cancel".

More notes on how an auto-renewal works.
Your Paypal account initiates the auto-renewal. Blab takes no action.
When your Paypal account sends the funds to Blab, Blab automatically extends the subscription.

If your Paypal account does not have sufficient funds, or for any reason the payment doesn't go through, then the Blab subscription will expire.
Nothing else happens. There is no second attempt to pay the same renewal. There are no penalties or other ramifications, other than loss of paid privileges. You should check your Paypal account to see if it appears the auto-renewal payment is still active for the next term.

Re-instating a lapsed subscription.
From the top of the header follow the links My Blab > Paid Subscription and re-start your sub (you may change the subscription type if you wish).

If you have any questions or problems with your auto-renewal, please contact

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