Model Horse Blab FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Member Profile Page

Your profile is what other members see when they click on your username in the Blab forums. Your Profile displays a variety of information about you - when you last logged in, your Friends on Blab, your website address, the number of posts you have made, your collection interests. It also displays Visitor Messages, as described elsewhere in the FAQs.

Only paid members may customize colors and styles. You can edit your profile from your My Panel or from the Quick Links menu in the upper right hand region of most forum pages. You can change the information in any of the fields in your profile, except your username. To customize your profile, go to My Panel, and from the left navigation pane, select "Customize My Profile." The various fields will only accept hexcodes - alphanumberic combinations that constitute the HTML expression of colors. Click the dashed areas next to the blank fields, and you'll see a color chart: select a color and the appropriate hexcode will be inserted. For more colors, do an internet search for any of the number of color picker sites, such as this one. The "Background Image" field does not work.

Your Individual Settings

My Panel is the starting point for changing all your Blab options. You can access My Panel here. From My Panel, you can edit Options such as your time zone, what post elements you wish to see (pictures), your thread display mode, and your preferred post editor. You can also change avatars, edit your signature, view reputation, and manipulate ignore lists. You will learn more about all of these options as you proceed through the Features FAQs.

Changing Custom User Title

A Custom User Title is text that appears below your username. You can specify the text you want to display by editing your details in your User CP, and entering the text you want in the Custom User Title field. This feature is only available to Paid Members.

Edit Your Ignore List

Your Ignore List allows you to avoid receiving Private Messages, Visitor Messages, or having your Blog viewable to persons on your Ignore List. To add a person to your Ignore List, go to My Panel and click the link in the left navigation pane for "Edit Ignore List." Add the name of the member you wish to ignore, and click the "okay" button. Note that using this feature will also prevent you from seeing any posts that the person has put in the Blab public forums.

Search from within Posts and Threads

If you want to do a quick search just of a post or thread you are reading ...

In certain forums (see below) you can search for posts based on username, word(s) in the post or just in the subject, and by date. Scroll to the top of the thread page, above the frame of the top page post select "Search Thread."

You can check to see who's online by accessing the Quick Links menu at the top of each page on Blab.

Search for Members

The member list contains a complete list of all the registered members of this forum. Please note that this is set by usergroup, and occasionally we may make an error and exclude a group from the list without being aware of it. You can view the member list ordered alphabetically by username, by the date that the member joined the forum, or by the number of posts the members have made. The member list also has a search field, which is accessible from the member list page, and is located in the upper right hand region of the page. If that simple search field yields no results, you can also access the Advanced Member Search page.

Search and Advanced Search

A quick search box is located on the right side of the blue navigation (links) bar across the top of the forum.

Click on Advanced Search to access more search options, including searching all areas of Blab, and limiting your search area within forums. When limiting your search to just one forum selection be sure and check "Also search in child forums." Search results are returned in the order you choose in the tab "Sort results by."

You can search any forum that you have permission to access. Free members can search all free access forums, but will not be able to search paid-only forums.

Search on phrases of 2 or more words: Enclose the phrase in quote marks " ". Example: "eye detail"
A phrase search shows the results in the order of relevance. First phrase matches are listed, then partial phrase matches, then matches to the individual words in the phrase. If your search returns only items with individual words highlighted, then the phrase did not appear in your selected search area.

Find it faster ... scroll to the bottom of the Advanced Search screen and use the "tag cloud." See below for notes on the tag cloud.

Tag Cloud Searches - find it fast

At the bottom of the Advanced Search screen is the "tag cloud," a list of all entered tags. The size and boldness of each tag reflects the number of items that tag will return. The largest and boldest have the most items tagged.

Tags provide Blab with user-defined search capabilities, which is a fancy way of saying that we can associate "keywords" with a given thread to make finding relevant threads easier.

How are threads tagged? At the bottom of the thread form is a box identified as "Tags." Click the "edit Tags" link and enter any keywords you feel are appropriate to the thread. Adding tags will allow you and others to locate it more easily when you search for threads using the "search" feature. Please note that we will be monitoring tags for appropriate content.

Important note about tags: Tags are *not* a universal search of all items containing the word or phrase. They return only items someone has designated with that tag. This is helpful because irrelevant uses of a term are not included in the results. But if you do want a universal search for a term you should use the Advanced Search.

Blab Gallery

The Gallery is an area set aside to display and host photos from paid members of Blab. You can use the Blab Picture Gallery to host photos to use in posts or private messages. You can access this area by clicking the Blab Picture Gallery button on the top navigation menu on virtually any page of the Blab forums. To upload photos that will be associated with your username, enter the Gallery and depress the Upload Photos link in the upper right hand region of the page. This page will load, and you should follow the instructions contained on that page. All registered members can view (but not upload) photos; guest participants cannot view photos at all. Persons using the Gallery should not rely on it as the sole storage space for photos - you must keep a copy of all your photos somewhere else, for security's sake.

Blab Calendar

There are two types of events on the Blab Calendar feature. Normal Events span the time frame from when the event starts until the event ends. Recurring Events repeat over a set period of time based on certain criteria. You can change your view of the calendar to "today," weekly or monthly, or add an event by using the menu in the upper right hand region of the calendar page. Your name and birthday will be shown on the calendar if you have entered the date in your profile.

Blab Chat Room

The Chat Room is only available to paid members of Blab. It allows members of Blab to "talk" in real time, by typing messages into their keyboards, and having instant responses. It is accessible via the Chat Room button on the main navigation bar at the top of each Blab page, or by navigating to the Real World area on the main Blab forum index page, clicking on the BLAB CHAT link, and then clicking the next BLAB CHAT link on that page. The Chat Room uses Java, and if your browser is not set to use Java, the Chat Room will not work.

Blab Blogs

Blogs are one person journal-style accounts, which permit comments to be made by visitors. You can access Blogs by clicking the Blogs button in the navigation bar. Only paid members can create and maintain blogs, and/or post comments in others' blogs. If the blogger desires it, her blog may be visible to the public at large, even people who are not members or guests of Blab. Please note that the blog format doesn't work well for forum-style interactive discussions.

Enabling Viewing of Your Blog

Until you change the default settings as described below, no one but you can see your blog. On the left side of the Blogs page, there is a navigation pane with a "Blog Control Panel" link. Access that link and scroll down to the section entitled "Permissions and Privacy." Check "View your blog" for each set of persons you want to allow to see your blog (presently there are three sets: your Contact list, your Ignore list, and Everyone Else, meaning the general internet public). Search the other FAQs for info on adding people to your Contact or Ignore lists.

Blocking All Blog Comments

On the left side of the Blogs page, there is a navigation pane with a "Blog Control Panel" link. Access that link, and then uncheck the box marked "Allow Comments to Be Posted" under the heading "Default Entry Options." This will block ALL comments. Note the default allows comments once you make your blog viewable - you must take this action if you don't want comments.

Blocking Some Blog Comments

You can allow some groups to comment and not others. On the left side of the Blogs page, there is a navigation pane with a Blog Control Panel link. Access that link, and then check the box marked "Allow Comments to Be Posted" under the heading "Default Entry Options." Then scroll down to the section "Permissions and Privacy" and uncheck the boxes associated with the groups you prefer not to allow to comment on your blog. You can also limit specific people from commenting by putting those individuals on your "ignore" list in your My Panel options. The default setting in your Blog Control Panel prevents "ignore list" members from posting. Another limitation feature is in the Blog Control Panel at the top, under "Default Entry Options," you can check the box marked "Moderate Comments Before Displaying." Comments will display only if the blog owner approves them. Blog owners also have the ability to delete comments after they are posted.

Adding Blog Categories

Create categories to effectively create more than one blog. You can create categories by selecting the "Blog Control Panel" link in the left navigation pane on the left side of the Blogs page. Once you've navigated to the Control Panel, hit the link in the left navigation pane entitled "Blog Categories." When the next page opens, hit the button marked "Create New Blog Category." You can move older entries to new categories by editing your entries - when you do that, a checkbox area will display with the names of your custom categories. When visiting the blog, the default display is all entries, chronologically.

Blog Content Rules

You cannot post material in your Blog that is generally forbidden on Blab. For example, more extreme cursing is not permitted on Blab or the Blogs. You are not permitted to bad-rap other hobbyists in your Blog. You are not permitted to use your Blog as a way to keep carrying on about a dispute from a thread on Blab.

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