I told Mary and the mods last week that I am going to resign from my position as administrator and moderator of Blab. When I first started moderating here, I was sort of on a hiatus from the showing and collecting aspects of the hobby. I'm off that hiatus now (2 shows this year already!), so I want to pare down my responsibilities here.

I'm leaving my post with Blab in fine fettle, I think. This is, IMO, the best online model horse community there is. And much of that is due to Mary, Tina, Kirsten, and Ramie's efforts, the efforts of youth mods, our mentors, and certainly the moderators who preceded me, as well as Heather herself. All of them languished hundreds of hours here, trying to make this an entertaining, peaceful, and comprehensive place to visit. I think it shows.

And of course, I don't want to forget the contribution of you guys, our members. I am thankful to Mary for giving me the opportunity to work with all of you here. I regard all of you - whether you know it or not - as cherished acquaintances and many, if not most, as friends. When I login here, it *is* like dialing up family. The helpfulness, the chattyness, the expansive knowledge many of you have, the wit, the enthusiasm - even the occasional curmudgeonly comment is appreciated and enjoyed.

And naturally, I plan to continue to enjoy it. I'm not leaving Blab.

Some of you will only know me from having contact with me as a moderator, and for some of you, it will only have been because I moved your threads, infracted you, or had some other interaction that from your POV was less than pleasant. I would like you to know that I did not take any of those interactions personally, I hope you won't, either.

Some of my contributions to Blab will have been somewhat invisible. I help members behind the scenes with login and technical problems, make changes to our administrative area based on member feedback, etc. Unless or until Mary replaces me, she will not have help with those things, including the forthcoming upgrade, so please exercise patience and help her, when you can.

Thank you for tolerating me for three years, chiquitas.