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You might have had some folks go to bat with you if you would have left this line out. Sounds VERY entitled and snotty (actually, downright rude to me). The membership fee here is VERY reasonable for what you get. Students get a membership for next to nothing. And if you 'rarely' visit the website, I don't see what the big deal is. You want folks to cater to your 'rare' visits???? I dunno, the whole post just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I pay my fees and am thrilled for what I get. And if I didn't pay my fees, I certainly wouldn't gripe about what I could no longer see.

What Jaime said. I went unpaid for about 6 months before I coughed up the $18. Which is a bargain considering all you have access to here. Easy to browse forums, you can get all the latest info as soon as someone knows it, they will post it here. And heck, if you post your wish lists, someone may contact you that they have your "grail" for sale. It's happened to me!