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For me, it would be the photo shows. I've always been a paid member (well, I was a member before it was paid!), but if I wasn't now and was thinking about doing it, it would be the shows that tipped the balance for me.

I *might* be a TINY bit biased (hah!), but the judges that we've had for the photo shows are TOP quality, and to get a chance to hear their comments on my entries for nearly free would be a major major draw for me!
I agree with this (and yeah, I'm prolly biased too). But to get access to all the judges who routinely volunteer here, you'd ordinarily have to pay thousands of dollars in travel expenses. The comments in the collectibility show alone were priceless, virtually a textbook of information, some from people who almost never judge but are supremely expert. A real boon!

With just 68 posts and a short time with access to the paid forums, I'd say the OP is not really in a position to evaluate what the real value of the paid forums is. With some forums, they become more interesting as you get to know people here. Also with every person it is different. I almost never visit the NAN forum (even though I show at NAN), but read Real Equine rather regularly (even though I don't have a horse!). And that's the opposite of my habit when I first joined, for sure.