I realize this is old, but I could have sworn that the breyerfest forum was open not too long ago. Or maybe it was just things in the OF Corral. But to the point. My mother will not allow me to purchase a Blab membership, but she also wants me to find out more information about Breyerfest since she just bought tickets for me and my friend. I really would like to know what happens there from people who have been, what is usually there, what is sold, what happens at a SWAP meet, room sales...things like that. But I cannot access any of that information and I am afraid that I am going to feel very, very lost when I finally get to Kentucky this summer. I don't even know where to I should ask my mom to book a hotel room! I understand that it requires money to run forums, but Breyerfest is a HUGE event, and a rather costly one to attend. I would like to be able to find out information without having to steal my mother's credit card.