I am at a total loss of what to do here. I am in a horrible, sticky situation and I am ready to lose it. I am literally shaking and have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach as I'm writing this. I made an offer to a very well-known hobbyist on MH$P for a Breyer model for a large amount of money: $1000. We came to an agreement at $1050 if money was sent via personal transaction on paypal. I really had no problem doing this. She is well known and well respected (I think), I would have sent her a personal check or a money order. Here is the timeline now:

May 4th - Money is cleared from my bank account
May 6th - She emails me saying she shipped him the day before and I should expect him the 7th or 8th. We are only 200 miles apart.
May 10th - I email her that I have not received the model and to please send me the tracking number
May 11th - Politely email her that I still have not received the model
May 12th - Send a more firm email that I need the tracking number ASAP. I contact her through MH$P.
May 13th - Send another email that if I do not hear from her by Friday, May 14th, I'm going to raise the red flag on Blab. I also contact her through Facebook asking if she has received my emails. She immediately responds that she is on a blackberry and doing facebook is difficult. She has not checked her email all week and that she will get me the tracking number tomorrow (which is today).
May 14th - I have heard nothing. I have sent two messages via Facebook and an email. It is after 5pm.

I have a hard time believing one does not check their email when they have a BLACKBERRY - isn't that what those things are for? And how is she getting facebook updates and no email?

I am frustrated because she is not helping at all. It is now over a week since she thought the package would arrive. She does not seem concerned nor is helping to rectify the situation or staying in contact. I don't know what to do. Am I just out $1050?? I just want a freaking tracking number!!!!! Thats all I want at this point and I'm about to lose it because I have been trying to get this from her since Monday. GAH! Any suggestions??