Hi all

I am posting a large red light for Lisa Bickford. It saddens me to be forced to do this as I have had a couple of good transactions with her in years gone by and she was really helpful when I met her in person at Breyerfest 2006. Here are the facts so far:-

On 14th April 2010 I purchased via E-Bay a Darla Curtis Showmanship Doll. I used the Buy It Now option and sent payment the same day via Paypal. I paid $300 for the doll and a further $38 for Priority International shipping as I live in the UK. Lisa also stated it would be insured for the full $300 in her advert. There was just one part of the description that slightly comecerned me which was this but for privacy I have removed her e-mail addy that was originally there and replaced it with stars.

"NOTE: I DO NOT use the Ebay check out systems. I will send you a winning notification from **********. Be sure your spam filters are set to accept AOL messages (especially hotmail users). I will send an email the day the auction ends."

Well, I decided to ignore that and sent my Paypal payment via the official E-Bay check out system as usual. Then sat back to await delivery of my doll.

As I heard nothing from Lisa to confirm my payment had been received or that the item had been shipped, I sent a message on 30th April 2010 via E-Bay to ask her what was happening as I was concerned. She replied on 4th May stating the doll had been shipped over that weekend but did not provide any tracking number. I stupidly accepted that and waited but still the doll has failed to arrive.

Sent another message Monday this week via E-Bay requesting the tracking number that would have been on the International Priority mail box or the Insured number that she would have been given. Have received no reply and I am now extremely worried. I have allowed extra time for UK airspace closures and indeed received on Monday 17th May a seperate item sent from the USA that was sent Priority International mail on 11th May. This to me proves that I do have a genuine cause for concern.

I have paid $38 for postage and I think it only fair that Lisa provide me with the tracking number she would have been given. This will prove to me it has been dispatched and I will then be able to see if its stuck in customs etc over here in the UK. Without it I am unable to do anything. In view of Lisa's silence I have been forced to open a dispute with E-Bay this week. Should the doll arrive in the meantime I will update this thread straight away.

I just wish I had realised that other hobby members were having issues with Lisa before I placed my bid on E-Bay as despite wanting the doll I would have stayed well clear. If me posting this red light saves somebody else from getting into such a situation with Lisa then it will have served its purpose. In a way I wish I has posted it earlier but I always look to the good in people and gave Lisa time to sort it out. Right now that has proved to be a BIG mistake on my behalf and has left me sitting here feeling really annoyed that she would do this to me. Ho hum, better get used to the egg-pie all over my face as I have earnt this by nothing more than extending somebody some trust.

Lisa, if you are reading this PUT RIGHT this matter and restore my faith in human nature. Its never too late to say you are sorry and to rectify your mistakes.

Frances Stevens